Every occasion should be special, personal and of course fun. I want to promote happiness and create the exciting feeling of giving an amazing, one of a kind gift that will always be remembered...long after the bottle has been popped.


03 Q&A

How did you get the idea to paint on champagne bottles?

I love painting sentimental pieces of art for my clients. I wanted to do something rather nontraditional. Instead of painting on a canvas, I wanted to paint on something fun and different.  To many, champagne represents celebration, new beginnings and excitement. I want to take these feelings and turn them into something tangible, making the champagne bottle the perfect canvas.  Since I have never seen anything like it done before, I thought it would be a new and fun artistic adventure.

What is your experience with art and painting?

From a very young age I have always gravitated to the art world. I have a degree in Art Education as well as a Textile and Surface Design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I am currently a full time print designer for a luxury resort brand. Painting comes naturally to me and I want to share my gift with the world. 

Do you paint on other bottles, as well as paper or canvases?

I have painted on bourbon to tequila, as well as non-alcoholic bottles. I have even painted on empty sentimental bottles for my clients.  I can also paint tiny 5" x 5" designs as well as large wall canvases. The sky is the limit for my clients!

How do you design your artwork?

All of my artwork is designed special for each individual client.  I make sure to include the important motifs and specific things that my clients want to have portrayed. What makes my bottles different is that they tell a story through art. I love being able to bring their vision to life. 






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